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19 August 2013 @ 01:54 am
Fic: We Must Love One Another or Die  
Title: We Must Love One Another or Die
Author: akashasheiress/Maggadin
Pairing: Eight/Romana II
Rating: Teen
Spoilers/warnings: Non-explicit nudity.
Characters: Eight Doctor, Romana II. Mentions of Susan, Leela and Rassilon.
Words: 566
Disclaimer: I own nada.
Summary: The War is drawing to a close.
N/A: This is for the Month of Eight over at who_at_50, which was in APRIL, but I've finally managed to stitch something not 100% horrible together. Most of this was written very quickly. Title is a quote from the poem ''September 1, 1939''. I was inspired to use it by the sublime Four/Romana II fic ''Of Eros and Dust'' by (I think) gwynnega.